About the Enosema Foundation

Our mission

To facilitate the mutual understanding of entities by providing insight and clarity to concepts.

Our work

Enosema achieves its goals through contributions to the domains of terminology, ontology and semantics. Enosema is a US-registered IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

Specifically, Enosema:

  1. develops and publishes best practices and related tools for the management, governance and dissemination of concepts and their relationships within and between such domains;

  2. fosters and hosts a user community for those using or managing shared concepts.


Enosema is an international standardization organization, similar to the roles played by ISO and IEC.

Enosema creates international standards and contributes to the domains of semantic interoperability, shared concepts and concepts management.


Enosema serves organizations and individuals alike with a need in defining terminology, terminology models and concept models across information systems.

Please refer to the membership page for more details.

Governance structure

Enosema consists of a board and members of the organization. Our members are organized into a central office with multiple technical committees:

  • The central office functions to support the activities of technical committees, including for the publication of standards.

  • Technical committees are organized by volunteers who are experts in a selected domain of the technical committee and develop best practices and information for the international arena.

Enosema is composed of the following internal bodies and roles:

  • Board of Directors

  • Executive functions

    • President

    • Vice-President

    • Chief Financial Officer

  • Technical Committee

Technical work

Technical work at Enosema is performed by the Technical Committee.

International cooperation

The mission of Enosema is international in nature, given that its founding team is spread across the globe.

Enosema consists of international experts and will work with international partners.


Enosema is founded by experts that have a deep interest in the standardization of terminology and concept management, coming from the organizations of ISO and IEC.